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  1. Pleae do not submit your blog if your wedding has already taken place.

  2. Your Blog must be a non-professional blog, written from a bride or groom's perspective, that is informative to other brides and grooms

  3. A minimum of 8 posts per month* will keep your listing in good standing. The first time we review your blog for consideration there is no fee. But if you apply and you haven't met this requirement a $20 fee will be charged to review your blog if you reapply at a future date.

  4. Your blog must be at least 2 months old and you must have consistently blogged for 2 months in a row to be considered for inclusion. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR BLOG if it doesn't meet this requirement or a $20 fee will be charged to reveiw your blog when re-applying in the future.

  5. Not all submissions will be approved. The quality of your blog and your frequency of posting are the first two points of consideration for inclusion. We are looking for brides and grooms posting original content about planning their own weddings. We are NOT looking for blogs that contain a lot of copied and pasted photos and cross posted posts from other websites and blogs or blogs that are heavily ad oriented.

  6. At least 75% of your posts need to be wedding related.
* If you don't post the required 8 times per month your blog will be removed from the site. You are more then welcome to resubmit your blog after you have once again consecutively posted a minimum of 8 posts per month for 2 months in a row. Thee will be a fee to review your blog any additional times.

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Please note: Not all submissions will be approved. Criteria for a listing on Best Bridal Blogs are both quality and frequency of posts. If your submission is denied we'll let you know why. If you really want to be listed here you're welcome to reapply once the issue has been resolved. The more the merrier! We prefer a minimum of 2 posts per week but 6 per month is also acceptable until more of you get into blogging. Listings on this site are reserved for brides and The Flirty Guide Professionals

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