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Please note: All platform tips are for blog templates and page elements at Blogger.com

Step by Step Menu
Introduction to Blogging

Creating Your Blog

1 - Where to get a blog
2 - Create a Blogger blog
3 - Create your account
4 - Choose your blog url
5 - Choose your template

Sidebar Info
6 - Sidebar Content
7 - Sidebar Options
8 - Creating the Sidebar
9 - Add a Link List
10 - Add a photo

Creating a Post

11 - How to
12 - Anatomy of a Post
13 - Blank Post
14 - A Sample Post
15 - Edit Post Directory

Miscellaneous Tips
16 - Creating LInks
17 - Images: Do you need them?
18 - Comments
19 - RSS
20 - Legal
21 Traffic Counters

Blogger Tips
Step 21. Blank Post Window

Post Title

This is what the window looks like when you select the "New Post" option on Blogger. For starters you need to fill in the "Title" field. Make the title keyword rich.

Post Body
Type into the large text area to create the copy for your post. Directly above and to the left is a menu with options to make your text bold, italic, ad a link, spell check, add an image or a video . This is the "Edit HTML" view below. The "Compose" view has even more options including text alignment, size, font style and font color.


At anytime you can click on "Preview" in the "Edit HTML" or "Compose" views. it allows you to view your post in progress.

Post Options
Post Options allows you to select the post date and time so that you can back date a post or stagger publishing dates into the future so that if you create multiple posts at once you can schedule the time they will publish at a later date. This is especially helpful if say, you are on vacation but want new posts added to your blog in your absence. You can write several posts before you leave and let them self publish while you take a break.

Labels for this post
Labels are basically categories. You can add one or multiple labels to each post you create. If you add the "Labels" page element to your sidebar, your readers can use them as a table of contents allowing them to go and view only the posts that are of particular interest to them.

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