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Welcome to The Flirty Guide, a wedding, event and everyday lifestyle resource that celebrates people, creativity and diversity.
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License Agreement

The Flirty Guide grants you a limited license to use our The Flirty Guide Badges offered on this page, to display on your blog, website and personal web pages. This limited license does not transfer title or our trademark for any use other then that described above and below. If you choose to display one of our TFG Badges or Banners your use indicates your agreement with all of the conditions and terms listed here.

A link back to the following address' must be used in combination with any badge:
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2. Use is limited only as a link back to the TFG website or Blog. The license does not give any user the permission to print the badge or banner for any reason. It may not be used for any sort of personal or professional use such as advertising, packaging, labels or in any format other then display in HTML on the World Wide Web. Any other use will be considered an infringement.

If you are interested in a custom illustration for your own personal or professional use please visit:

3. You may not use a badge or banner in any way or on any webpage that the TFG finds to be in poor taste or disparaging to our business or website. Badges must be used "as is." Altering the badges by cropping in any manner is prohibited.

4. Your use of the TFG Badges and Banners acknowledges TFG's ownership of the badge and banners and the included TFG logo and word mark trademarks. All use is for the benefit of TFG. You will acknowledge our ownership by including the following information on the page that the badge or banner is displayed:
The "The Flirty Guide" Badge or Banner is a trademark of The Flirty Guide, used with permission.

5. If we learn that you are using our badge or banner in any manner that violates these guidelines we reserve the right to revoke your limited license to use them. We will contact you by electronic notice and inform you if a violation can be corrected or if you are required to remove the badge or banner from your website.

6. TFG also reserves the right to modify the limited use license, these guidelines, or terminate all use of all badges at any time. You will have 30 days to either conform to any new changes or guidelines or remove the badge if required to do so.


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