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What is the criteria for choosing which brides to feature? First and foremost you have to be flirty at heart. Being a blogger in good standing on the Best Bridal Blogs Directory is an advantage. Other than that there is no set criteria. Maybe you're just a really fun couple. Or you may have a great how-we-met love story. Maybe I spotted a photo of you on someone else's blog. From backyards to beaches, churches to hotels, I'll be choosing a variety of, budgets, cultures and wedding themes to spotlight on The Flirty Guide. Whether the bride or groom are young or old, modern or traditional, same or different genders, I'm hoping that the diversity of the couples we feature will only be exceeded by the joy they experienced on their wedding day!

Katie from Houston, TX
"I'm a twenty-something newlywed, blogging about my wedding, my life as a law student, my cooking adventures, and whatever else strikes my fancy!"
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Shayna and Tim
The Mountain Winery, rain, a bride, a groom, a rainbow and a fantastic photographer are all the ingredients that were needed to capture this magical photo. Read more...
Andrea and John
Their San Diego beach and city engagement session was so fun and flirty I couldn't resist featuring them! Thanks to Mike Steelman for allowing me to republish some of their images for you to enjoy! Read more...

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