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How to Hang Origami Cranes

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Slowly but surely I am creating tutorials about how to fold, hang on cord, hang cords from a parasol or display strands of origami cranes on standing base to make a set of one thousand cranes to display at your wedding or event.

1. Fold your cranes.

2. Decide how many cranes you'll need per strand. Do this by dividing the number of strands by your total number of cranes.

To decide how long the strand should be as a fixed length:

  • Divide the length of the strand by the number of cranes you'll be putting on it. This is your length per crane.
  • Subtract the height of the body of each crane from the length per crane to determine the length of the empty space above it.
  • Find a measuring device the exact length you need or cut one out of a heavy piece of cardboard that you'll be able to use as a guide. I used a ruler for this tutorial.

3. On the underside of each crane is a small hole. We're going to run a needle up this hole to hang the cranes.

4. I use gold crafter's string to hang crams from.

5. Use a the thinnest possible needle with a large enough hole to run the thread through but no thicker than necessary as it will tear the paper coming out the top of the crane.

6. Run the needle into the hole.

7. A wider view of the needle going in with the thread attached.

8. This is what the needle looks like coming out through the top of the body section.

9. And the thread pulled through.

10. Put as many cranes as needed onto the strand of cord. You are going to begin gluing them into place from the bottom up so you will need to know the exact length each piece of cord has be.

11. Cut the cord.

12. The needle will be at the top of the cord and the cranes all piled around the bottom. Add a small drop of hot glue to the bottom, cut end of the cord.

13. Slide the bottom crane onto the bead of hot glue keeping it as level as possible.

14. Now measure the distance needed between the two cranes to set the next crane into place with a bead of hot glue. I'll be adding the second crane from above the blue one pictured here.

15. Whatever your set measurement will be between each crane you can use a guide or make one out of a cut piece of cardboard to set the placement of each crane.

16. Set the bead of hot glue slightly above where you want the crane to sit so you can slide it down the cord a bit, sealing the glue into the hole and onto the cord.

17. Repeat this process for each next crane.

18. It doesn't matter if there are five cranes or fifty per strand, the process is the same.

19. If there are small glue threads that come off the hot glue gently remove them without disturbing the glue holding the crane in place.

To learn how to attach your finished strands to a parasol to display CLICK HERE.

To view finished sets of 1000 cranes CLICK HERE

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