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Pom Pom Easter Chicks

So cute! Cute decorations or gifts for spring or Easter these little yarn chicks are super easy to make!

Each stands about 2" high.


  • Yarn. I used a soft and fluffy "Fizz" yarn that looks like angora but is made of an ultra soft and fluffy polyester
  • Black glass beads for eyes
  • Yellow or orange paper or felt for the beaks
  • Needle and thread to tie two pom poms together to make each chick
  • Tacky craft glue
  • Pom Pom maker - There are two options, store bought or DIY

Years ago I purchased a Martha Stewart pom pom making kit. It contained forms to make pom poms in four sizes. An exact set is available as the Susan Bates Easy Wrap Pom Pon Maker on Google.

You begin by putting two pieces back to back then winding yarn around the form. Cut the yarn and repeat with the other two pieces so you now have two forms both covered in yarn.

Slide the two halves together into a circle then use scissors to cut the looped yarn into two sections. Slide another piece of yarn between the mold and tie off.

This creates a single pom pom. The kit comes with detailed instructions.

If you want to go completely DIY you can also make a pattern from scratch.

To make a DIY pom pom pattern:

  1. Find a piece of thick cardboard and cut a length the width you want your pom poms to be. I cut this piece 1 1/4" by 7" then cut the cardboard straight down the center making a cut approximately 4" long.
  2. Take an 8" length of yarn and slide it through the cut so that you have 4" on either side of the cut.
  3. Now begin wrapping you yarn around the form. Not too tight or it will be difficult to slide the yarn off but not too loose either.
  4. When you reach the end of the form
  5. Take the ends of the first piece of yarn you slid through the cut in step #2 and loosely begin closing the loop at making sure it's snug but don't tie it into a knot yet.
  6. Now gently ease the yarn off of the form keeping the center yarn in place. Once off the form draw the ends of the center tie off closer together.

7. What you'll have is a circle of yarn that is looped along the outer edge. Use sharp scissors to cut the yarn into two sections at the center of each loop.

8. Fluff into a pom pom!

9. Using a needle and thread take the needle and run it through the center of each pom pom making sure to catch the tip of the needle through the strand of yarn that is tying the pom pom together. Tie off and trim excess thread away.

10. Use small black beads for the eyes and orange or yellow paper or felt for the beak and glue into place.

Peep peep! So cute and easy.

Thanks for your support!

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