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DIY Whimsical Chandelier

Keep checking back! Steps in brown are yet to come, steps in orange are already posted so you can jump in and follow along! Check back each week for a new step to be posted below:

Intro to Project

Step #1 -
Locate a Chandelier

Step #2 -
Purchase Light Shades

Step #3 -
Paint the Chandelier

Step #4 -
Replace Missing Crystals

Step #5 -
Buy Regular Beads

Step #6 -
Find Specialty Beads

Step #7 -
Gather other supplies: wire, crystals, pliers, wire cutters, etc.

Step #8 -
Wire Wrap Crystals

Step #9 -
Make Simple Flowers

Step #10 -
Make Beaded Vines and Leaves

Step #11 -
Make Double TIered Fancy Flowers

Step #12 -
Make Beaded Tubes to Hide Light Fixtures

Step #13 -
Make Beaded Dragonflies

Step #14 -
Make Beaded Butterflies

Step #15 -
Make Wire Scrolls

Step #16 -
Put it all together




DIY Whimsical Chandelier
Step 1: Locating a Chandelier

Project Intro   |   Next Step #2

Where to buy a chandelier and what to look for:

1. I LOVE buying things used. So I'm most likely to head off to the nearest second hand and antique shops to find an old chandelier to breathe new life into. I found this one at a yard sale. You can also find a plethora of them on eBay on any given day. Just make sure you double check the measurements to be certain you find the right size. Photos can be misleading and often the chandelier will appear larger then it really is in a picture.

I have paid anywhere from $50 to $300 for a used chandelier.

2. I am partial to thinner more delicate ironwork. The older chandeliers are usually this way with modern ones being heavier in weight and bulkier in design. At least that's what I've found.

3. When possible buy a chandelier that has no glossy paint or lacquered finish. This creates an extra step of needing to sand the finish before you paint.

.4. Don't worry if crystals are missing. You can pick up cheap ones at a local hardware shop or go upscale and order some of the new Swarovski chandelier crystals online. I'll tell you where later when we get to that step.

5. If the chandelier isn't wired or you don't trust the condition of the wires you can take it to a lamp shop and pay to have it professionally wired. This usually costs me around $50.00 (US) to do. The cord can be then be made to be any length so if you know where you'll be displaying your new chandelier pre-measure the length from the lamp to the hook, then the hook to a second hook along the wall then to your outlet. If you're hardwiring straight into the ceiling pre-measure that as well. Hey it's a custom fit so as long as you're starting from scratch why not get it right?

6. Don't worry if the little plastic sleeves are missing over where the light comes up. We'll be replacing those with beaded covers later so that's ok if they're missing or in poor condition.

7. There isn't enough chain attached to the chandelier. Not to worry. Again a trip to your local hardware shop and you can pick up some chain at very little cost.

Just for fun. That's my dog in the background. He has his own website

Be sure to message me if you have any specific questions!

Project Intro   |   Next Step #2

Idea submitted by: Stacie Tamaki of The Flirty Bride

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