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Asian Inspired Bridal Tiaras

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Every day I see things that inspire me. It may be a photo, something in a movie or on tv, or something that I see walking down the street in my day to day life. Those little thoughts get tucked away and at some point I feel a need to create them.

This inspiration is for the free spirited bride who wants to be unique forgoing tradition in favor of creativity on her wedding day. These are interpretations of designs that popped into my head of Asian inspired bridal headpieces that I thought offbeat and kind of quirky brides might enjoy seeing.

I was thinking about China when I created this red and gold tiara. The funny thing is that many people who have seen this piece in person have commented they think it looks Russian.

I wanted to create movement so the little red round crystals set in gold coming off of the filigree circles and the round gold bead in the second arch all shimmer and sway when the headdress moves. It's a small detail but it makes a huge impact.

The piece consists of 5 aches, the lowest on the ends and the highest in the center. All are filled in with beads and beaded wire flowers. I would have to say the skill set needed to create a piece like this is a combination of jewlery design with a little bit of sculpting thrown in for good measure.

Here is the top view to show you what the overall shape looks like.

And a view from the back shows you the how the piece anchors into the hair. The comb tucks in and the small bent ends also tuck up into the hair to help hold the headpiece in place.

And this is a close up of the craziest part of how I designed this piece. The base is a heavy piece of wire, wrapped in 1/8 inch satin ribbon, encrusted with individually hand sewn red and gold seed beads to create a delicacy even with the use of so many beads.

If you want to wear a headpiece like this I'd highly recommend making it yourself. The matierals are inexpensive but the time commitment is crazy over the top so while the materials might cost around $30 to $40 the labor to hire someone to do this could run into the thousands.

The entire piece is constructed of craft wire, beads, satin ribbon and monofilament thread. There is no glue or solder.

After creating the Chinese inspired bridal tiara my thoughts turned to Japan. I love the floral design in kimono prints and wanted to capture the essence of those flowers and interpret them for the hair. This is what I came up with. I used French beaded wire flowers and some Japanese decorative elements to create this piece.

I obtained the silver loops and little pieces of metal that look like chimes by purchasing other Japanese hair ornaments, disassembling them and then incorporating them into my design. Tedious yes, but I didn't know where to find those types of elements to purchase on their own.

The view below shows how I used a large wire hair comb to secure the piece into the hair. I wrapped the frame in black so that if (as I envisioned) an Asian woman with black hair wore the piece in front of a bun the frame would disappear, blending into her hair, leaving the flowers and silver accents to seemingly float in place.

Idea submitted by: Stacie Tamaki

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