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Blogging 101

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Most of you probably don't know that I receive a lot of requests to do public speaking presentations about blogging. Why to blog, how to blog, how much time do I spend blogging.... You get the idea. Recently I gave a presentation and created a Power Point slide show to go with it. I also created some worksheets but at the end of the session several of the guests asked if they could view the slide show again online. Soooooooooooo... I took the time to convert the slide show to online tutorials and combined them with the old tutorials I used to have on the Best Wedding website.

This new version is much more extensive and detailed. I hope it might inspire some of you who have been on the fence thinking you'd like to have a blog, whether for business or pleasure, to feel comfortable that you can do it!

Many of the tutorials are based on the Blogger platform simply because it's the platform I use and because of the three most popular platforms it's the easiest to learn how to blog on. Wordpress is the choice of professional bloggers, and one day I may migrate my own blog to Wordpress, but for now I think most people starting out find the prospect so daunting that the easier the learning curve the better.

CLICK HERE to view the Blogging 101 - How to Create a Blog tutorials or choose from the menu below:

Please note: All platform tips are for blog templates and page elements at

Step by Step Menu
Introduction to Blogging

Creating Your Blog

1 - Where to get a blog
2 - Create a Blogger blog
3 - Create your account
4 - Choose your blog url
5 - Choose your template

Sidebar Info
6 - Sidebar Content
7 - Sidebar Options
8 - Creating the Sidebar
9 - Add a Link List
10 - Add a photo

Creating a Post

11 - How to
12 - Anatomy of a Post
13 - Blank Post
14 - A Sample Post
15 - Edit Post Directory

Miscellaneous Tips
16 - Creating LInks
17 - Images: Do you need them?
18 - Comments
19 - RSS
20 - Legal
21 Traffic Counters

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