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Bride and Groom Cake Bites

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Beautifully photographed by: Melissa Bagley
Cake by Susan Morgan: Elegant Cheesecakes

I knew Chuck and Jewel Savadelis were filming a wedding this past weekend and was thrilled to see some pics of Delores and Derick's wedding on their photographer's blog this morning.

I LOVE this idea. See them there in the bottom left corner?

I think this is the way to go if you want a calm, no muss, less fuss, un-dramatic approach to cake cutting.

Instead of what could turn into an awkward moment, the bride and groom can simply reach over for their bride and groom cake bites! So cute!

On the flip side here's what happened at my wedding. Sure it made for a funny photo op when my hubby kinda panicked when it came time to cut our cake. I'm not sure if it was how big the cake cutting knife was or the cutting in unison part but his expression says it all doesn't it?

With great trepidation he assisted in the cutting...

Of course the relief when we managed to remove the tiny slice without losing any fingers was cause for great celebration. LOL...

Idea submitted by: Jewel Savadelis
Savadelis Films (Website)

Photos from my wedding by: Todd Rafalovich

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