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Miniature Swarovski Crystal Pineapples

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I designed and created about 70 of these miniature Swarovski Austrian crystal beaded pineapples for a client's wedding reception name cards. They are fairly easy to make. You will need:

4mm Swarovski Crystals: I used round topaz colored crystals here but the bicone shapes also work. You will need 22 beads per pineapple.

Size 15º green delica glass beads: 48 beads per leaf which is 144 beads per pineapple.

28 gauge copper colored craft wire

Nail Clippers or wire cutters

Substitutions: You can use less expensive glass beads in place of the crystal beads if the cost per bead is too high. Crystal beads can cost 30¢ - 40¢ each. You can also use gold colored wire.

These are the finished name cards I made my first pineapples for.

These are the crystal beads and wire I use to make the pineapple.

Step 1: Cut a 27 inch long piece of wire and run 5 beads on the strand. You will make each pineapple from a single strand of wire.

Step 2: Run the beads to the center of the length of wire then run one end of the wire through three of the beads and pull the wire until the beads create two rows.

Step 3: One row should have 2 beads and the other 3 beads. Then run 4 beads onto the length of wire.

Step 4: Put the end of the second strand of wire through the holes on the opposite side of the beads then the side you just strung them on and pull the wires together gently taking up any slack.

Step 5: Your pineapple should look like this now.

Step 6: Your pineapple should look like this now. Using the same technique add two more rows of four so that you have 3 rows of 4 beads.

Step 7: Now add another row of 3 beads.

Step 8: And add one final row of two beads.

Step 9: Take the two strands of wire and twist them together near what is now the top of your pineapple.

Step 10: Twist the wires a second time.

Now CLICK HERE to learn how to make the leaves on the next page.

Idea submitted by Stacie Tamaki

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