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A Baby's First Birthday Party
"The Frog Prince"

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Sometimes it is easy being green. Just don't tell Kermit the Frog I said that. Green was the color theme of this Frog Prince first birthday complete with two frog cakes, frog cookies, frog gummi candies and more. Wanting a unique theme, Katherine chose the classic fairy tale since Roman Alexander is her little prince.

Gummi Frogs
Frog Cookies
The Birthday Boy
Green Candy Canes
Chocolate Crown
Best Grandparent Trophy
Some people might say that for a baby's first birthday you don't need to have a party. It's not like the baby knows what's going on. But you can't tell that to a professional Event Coordinator. Well I guess you could tell her but Katherine Noller-Fernandez of Custom Celebrations knows better. Here she shows how you can invite 120 guests, 20 of whom were kids, go all out. Not only will your child enjoy the day but, if you hire a professional photographer to document it? They will appreciate the gesture years later when they are old enough to comprehend how special their birthday was to you.

Happy Birthday Roman Alexander! Can't wait to see what your mom does when you turn 2 years old!
Frog Cake
Birthday Balloons
Frog Cupcakes
Green Candy Bar
Caricature Artist
Cute Caricature
Cute Caricature
Best Grandma Award
Orchid Centerpiece
Mom and Son
Birthday Award Ceremony
Best Dad Award
Best Grandma Award
Baby Frog Cake
Cake Time
Cake Time

I love that Katherine ran with the Surprise Flirty Awards Ceremony presenting to the grandparents and her hubby the same Oscar styled trophies that I used to surprise my hubby at our wedding reception.

Cake/Desserts: Not Just Cheesecakes
Candy: Kid in A Candy Store (Los Gatos)
Caricature Artist: Marc Richard (The Entertainment Connection)
Florist: Asiel Design
Frog Favors: favor favor (online)

Hat: Forever More (online)
Menus/Stationary: Out of the Envelope
Photographer: Vince Tarry Photography
Trophies: K2 Trophies (online)
Venue: Frankie, Johnnie and Luigi Too

Idea submitted by: Katherine Noller-Fernandez of Custom Celebrations

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