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How to Hang Origami Cranes from a Parasol

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Intro: CLICK TO VIEW both the Spring and Red Parasol cranes which are examples of variations of hanging cranes from a paper parasol.

This idea is presented because a reader requested this information :) I will create a subsequent idea that shows how to hang the cranes themselves to link to these small metal rings.

Using this method will allow you to make each strand of cranes detachable which makes transporting the cranes much easier. You will need:

Paper Parasol

Nail Clippers

Cotton/Poly Sewing Thread

White Craft Glue

Sewing Needle


Pen or Marker

Jewelry Findings:
  • Split Jump Rings
  • Necklace Clasps

Step 1
Begin by turning the parasol upside down on a work surface so that the handle is pointing upwards towards the ceiling.

Counting the number of spines on the parasol and dividing out the number of cranes you'll hang per spine. Personally I like to layer the strands of cranes so one row may be 2 inches from the edge of the parasol and the second layer may be 5 inches back from the edge and closer to the center. I then add a third row of only 5 or so strands closest to the handle that may be slightly shorter in length as the first two rows.

With a ruler mark where you will add the metal jump rings. Make sure you use split jump rings that are similar to a key ring so that there is no chance of the ring pulling apart which would allow the crane strands to fall through them.

Step 2
Using a double strand of sewing thread and needle and on the underside of the parasol I poke through the paper as close to the spine as possible.

Step 3
Then come back up the other side of the spine so that the end of the thread and needle are both located on the underside of the parasol.

Step 4
Tie the thread into a knot. Then re-knot and tie a second time.

Step 5
Now drop the jump ring over the needle.

Step 6
Tie the thread into another knot to hold it the ring in place.

Step 7
Repeat step 3 running the needle around the spine 2-3 more times and tie off again with at least two knots. In this picture the thread is wrapped around the spine 4 times which means 8 strands of thread total.

Step 8
Now place a dab of white glue on the thread near the spine.

Step 9
Use your fingernail to push the thread against the spine and hold it there until the glue becomes tacky enough to hold the thread in place. Probably a minute or so.

Step 10
Leave the glue to dry completely. When you come back to the parasol use a pair of nail clippers to snip the ends of the thread as close as possible to the spine along the paper surface, not next to the knots.

Step 11
It should look like this. If you hang each strand of cranes to a thread attached to a necklace clasp you can then fasten a strand of cranes to the ring now located on the underside of the parasol.

End Result: Now repeat on each spine.

Idea submitted by: Stacie Tamaki

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