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Vanity Tray Earring Display

If you're like me you have a LOT of earrings. Here's a little idea I came up with to display my own collection. Go to second hand shops, antique shops even the Goodwill and look for an old fashioned vanity tray. Usually they are a silver filigree style frame with a mirror in the center. People used to use them, laid flat,, on top of a dresser or countertop to set small bottles of perfume and make up on. I found a new use for them as a jewelry display stand. In this sample I removed the mirror and replaced it with clear glass so the color of the wall would show through as the background.

I create the cross wires to hang my earring from by using Beadalon beading wire, crimp beads and a few small glass seed beads. View the close up below to see the order. If anyone wants more detailed instructions let me know and I'll post additional steps and information. This works great with French wire and lever back earrings. If you have earrings on posts simply keep them on the paper card they came on and hang the card from the cross wire.

To hang the frame I simply run some ribbon through the opening at the top, tie in a knot, trim the ends and hang from a nail. The entire piece can also be leaned up
against the wall if you want to display it on top of your dresser.

Either way it's a great way to organize all of your earrings. Shhhh don't tell but the one pictured here is one of two I use for my own earrings. Yup, I told you I have a LOT of earrings.
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