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Flirty Home Decorating Idea
DIY Whimsical Chandelier

Keep checking back! Steps in brown are yet to come, steps in orange are already posted so you can jump in and follow along! Check back each week for a new step to be posted below:

Intro to Project

Step #1 -
Locate a Chandelier

Step #2 -
Purchase Light Shades

Step #3 -
Paint the Chandelier

Step #4 -
Replace Missing Crystals

Step #5 -
Buy Regular Beads

Step #6 -
Find Specialty Beads

Step #7 -
Gather other supplies: wire, crystals, pliers, wire cutters, etc.

Step #8 -
Wire Wrap Crystals

Step #9 -
Make Simple Flowers

Step #10 -
Make Beaded Vines and Leaves

Step #11 -
Make Double TIered Fancy Flowers

Step #12 -
Make Beaded Tubes to Hide Light Fixtures

Step #13 -
Make Beaded Dragonflies

Step #14 -
Make Beaded Butterflies

Step #15 -
Make Wire Scrolls

Step #16 -
Put it all together


Project #1

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DIY Vintage Earring Display

Project #2 in Progress
Whimsical Chandelier
DIY Chandelier

Project #3
Origami Cherry Blossoms
Origami Sakura Tutorial

Project #4
Origami Crane
Origami Crane Tutorial

Project #5
Crystal Earrings
DIY Crystal Earrings




DIY Whimsical Chandelier
(Mine hangs over my dining table.)

Project Intro   |   Next Step #1

This will be a DIY project in many parts. Each week I'll post a step or two until we're done. Basically you need to find a chandelier, paint it, buy wire, beads, both ordinary and extraordinary, and begin decorating the entire piece.. There is some basic wire wrapping of the beads to hang them as well as beginner's French wire beaded flowers and I'm even going to show you how to make my signature beaded dragonflies and butterflies to finish the piece off.

I think by the time we get to the more advanced items you'll be confident to take them on since you'll have already learned how to make the basic flowers and leaves.

So keep checking back! And if you build a chandelier along with me be sure to take pictures and send them in. I'd love to post everyone's progress as we move forward.

4 petal beaded wire flower with Swarovski crystal center.

A more elaborate double tiered open petaled flower with a more intircate center.

A gorgeous Murano glass bead imported from Italy.

A beautiful European vintage glass bead.

Finished with twisted wire flourises and beaded dragonflies and butterflies.

Project Intro   |   Next Step #1

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