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DIY decorating ideas the flirty way! Nothing ordinary, completely unique. These are ideas I've used to decorate my own home that I'd love to share with the world. Be inspired and get ready to have fun. Keep checking back! Some will be in a single post, others may take a few weeks as I create tutorials on how to make these fun projects.

Project #1

Earring Display
DIY Vintage Earring Display

Project #2 in Progress
Whimsical Chandelier
DIY Chandelier

Project #3
Origami Cherry Blossoms
Origami Sakura Tutorial

Project #4
Origami Crane
Origami Crane Tutorial

Project #5
Crystal Earrings
DIY Crystal Earrings




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Turn a Vintage Cyrstal Necklace into Earrings

Crystal Earring

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Clip end of wire.

7. Using the nail clippers again I clip the headpin wire about 1/4 of an inch from the bend.

Measure Second Wire

8. I then take the cut piece from the first earring and align it with headpin wire on the second earring so that I can use it as a guide to cut them both the same length.

Cliip Wire

8b. See now clip the second one.

Put wire on edge of pliers.

9. Using a pair of round nosed jewelry pliers I align the end of the headpin wire with the side edge of the pliers and roll the pliers towards the center to make a loop.

Roll wire into a loop.

10. When you finish rolling the wire it should look like this on the pliers.

Finished Drop Earring

11. The finishied earring.

Open Ear Wire

12. Now to finish the project you need to attach your earring to an ear wire. These sterling silver French wires are my favorite kind of ear wires. You can purchase them in pairs at your local bead shop or online. Using your pliers gently nudge the loop open.

Run Ear Wire Through Earring

13. Drop the loop of your earring onto the open loop of the ear wire and close it.

Repeat on other side.


Earring with Blue Crystals

A "Something Blue" variation.

Crystal Earrings on Straight Wires

And a modern twist.

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Use the contact form to let me know if you run into any problems and I'll update the tutorial with more tips and photos.

(Idea submitted by: The Flirty Bride)
Flirty Brides
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